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Festivities for the 450th Commemoration of the City of St. Augustine begin on September 4th and, in conjunction, I will be exhibiting select images of the historic places of worship - some for the first time! I will be at the Galeria Lyons (downtown at 41-B King St.) on FIRST FRIDAY, September 4th, with new metal prints, notecards, photo prints, & books. 


10 x 20 inches unframed

SPIRIT IN GLASS ($140 unframed)

HEART & SOUL ($140 unframed)

Sacred St. Augustine is a photo-journey; the book is a walking tour. Images range from traditional architectural to artsy style to downright abstract with "divine inspiration!"

I've been looking forward to this for almost 3 years & hope to see you there!

I'll be at the gallery all day on Friday, 9/4.

And, special for the 450th, the beloved Lions who stand guard over the

Bridge of Lions:


LIONS STANDING GUARD ($140 unframed)

Contact Jackie to place an order for one of these limited edition prints.



Prints to Hang at The Mission Nombre de Dios

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Informative Prints will be displayed at
The Mission Nombre de Dios Museum
Opening May 28, 2014

In conjunction with my book signing at the Mission Nombre de Dios Museum, I will be hanging prints such as these, which illustrate the historic places of worship in St. Augustine. They will be on display for an indefinite period. I'd like to thank Eric Johnson, Director of the Mission, for hosting this event and inviting me to share these photographic glimpses into 13 churches, a synagogue, and the Mission in the beautiful public space in the Museum.

BOOK RELEASE! Sacred St. Augustine is in print!

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Exhiliration, Excitement, & Enthusiasm! My book, Sacred St. Augustine, a photo-journey through the historic places of worship in St. Augustine has arrived from the printer and should appear in local shops soon. While I haven't seen it yet, myself, initial reviews are very positive! My first book signing is scheduled for May 28th at the Mission Nombre de Dios Museum. 

It all started with this image I shot of a stained-glass window at Trinity Episcopal Parish:

Trinity Episcopal ParishTrinity Episcopal Parish

Mary Ann Schmitz, sacristan at the Cathedral Basilica, saw it during a First Friday exhibit on King Street and prompted me to photograph the Basilica. A few weeks later, I did just that and posted a few images. One of which was this multiple exposure:

Afterwards, my dear friend & author, Jodi Sykes, contacted me and suggested urged (!) me to write a book thinking that the images would have the same impact on others that they did on her. Convinced there were MANY books on the subject (this is St. Augustine, after all), I politely explained that I'm a photographer, NOT an author. But, she got me thinking. Indeed, the visual imagery was breathtaking and I could feel something sacred and special in the few places I had already experienced.

So, I set off on finding one of "those books" to determine which churches might be considered "historic" before embarking on my photo-expedition (there are a LOT of churches; I just could not do them ALL). Much to my disbelief, I could NOT locate a single book on this subject (I searched numerous shelves and talked to collectors such as Sandra Parks at Anastasia Books, staff at The St. Augustine Historical Society Research Library, folks at Chamblin Book Mine, and even the bookseller in the Antique Mall in The Lightner Museum). I found some treasures on individual churches, but nothing more comprehensive. Hence, I decided to listen to the words of encouragement that Jodi once whispered to me and now, one year later, I am delighted to announce the release of Sacred St. Augustine, featuring 13 churches, one synagogue, the Mission Nombre de Dios, and the Fountain of Youth Archaeological Park.

I have many people to thank in addition to Jodi and Mary Ann, mentioned above. A full listing appears inside the book on the back cover, but for now, I'd be remiss if I didn't call out several. A heartfelt thanks goes out to: Henry Hird for partnering with me and being my publisher, Kate (Groenveld) Kozyra for layout and design, Beth Mansbridge for expert copy editing, Dana Ste. Claire, Director of the City's 450th for support and great ideas including creation of a walking tour, to every member of the clergy with special acknowledgements to Father Thomas Willis of Cathedral Basilica for writing the Foreword, and to Rev. Dr. Dudley Weaver and Pastor Ron Rawls, of Memorial Presbyterian and St. Paul A.M.E., respectively, for their positive endorsements that appear on the back cover. I'm grateful to Eric Johnson, Director of the Mission Nombre de Dios, for offering to host an event & exhibit. And, closest to home, my husband, Glenn, for his patience and support, my boys, Kelly & Conrad, my parents, and my dear friend, Elise Moloney for a long list of things!

I hope the images contained inside will open doors, not only to the beauty in these places, but also to the divine in all humankind.

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